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Cheri & Jordan

About Us

Created by mother-daughter co-founders, Cheri Bolebruch, Ph.D. and Jordan Bolebruch, Tryde was developed to address the needs of parents searching for a convenient and simple method of assessing and tracking their child’s development, assisting in achieving milestones, and recognizing delays early on, encouraging more informed discussions with their healthcare providers.

Cheri Bolebruch, holds a Ph.D. in Education, specializing in Infant Education, Special Education, and Deaf Education, bringing over forty years of expertise to Tryde. Her real-world experience as an Early Education evaluator of thousands of children for educational delays in the areas of motor skills, cognitive skills, language skills, and social skills, in cooperation with Occupational Therapists, Speech Therapists, and Physical Therapists combined with years of consultancy in Early Childhood Programs has helped to inform the methods and content featured within the app.

Jordan Bolebruch, holds an BS in Finance and brings extensive marketing and business experience from global brands including Citigroup and Facebook to the app. Jordan’s expertise informs the on-going evolution of the app, a seamless user experience and continued innovation.